Thursday, October 21, 2010

Branson Vacation

Whew! These past few week have been a whirlwind of activity! My family took our yearly trip to Branson a couple weeks ago. We couldn't have asked for better weather! It was a perfect 80 degrees the entire weekend, with just a slight breeze and ample sun! I wish I would have gotten more pictures! Both my sister and I brought our boyfriends with us this time, which is the first time any of us brought a non-family member along. It went pretty smoothly though.

We did all the traditional things we do in Branson: visit the fish hatchery, go to the ice cream shop up in the mountains, go to old downtown, and of course, shopping at the outlet malls. In the evenings we just hung outside on the deck talking and having a good ol' time! We played a few rounds of nark nark, which is pretty much team solitaire on speed, and a few games of dominoes!

It was my first time playing "real" dominoes. I played against the boys (aka - my boyfriend and my brother) and I beat both of them (by A LOT)! They called it beginner's luck, but I called it the obvious result of playing a numbers game with an accountant :)

It is so nice to have these family traditions. I can't wait to someday take my own children there! It's funny how just a few years ago I *hated* going to some of those attractions. It was just brutal going to the fish hatchery, and utterly annoying going down to the waterfront. But now I can see that I was just a moody teenager with an attitude! I know you're thinking "You with an attitude - not a chance!" HAHA But it's true. Oh how the tables turn when you start to "grow up"!

I planned to post pictures of the trip, but I've been traveling for work ever since I got back from Branson. AND I forgot to bring the right cord with me to upload photos. So I will post the Branson photos this weekend when I get back home!

I have some exciting posts coming up. Well, I'm excited about them at least! Hopefully you will enjoy. Stayed tuned! Oh and I PROMISE I won't wait so long to post! Like I said, it's been a crazy few weeks!


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