Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wyoming Vacation - Day 3

We woke up this morning in Thermopolis. It was probably the warmest weather we had experienced during the trip, although still a little chilly. Since we were staying in the Hot Springs State Park, we decided to take a look around and see what it was all about. Once you got over the smell of sulfur and rotten eggs, it was actually really cool. We got some neat pictures around the hot spring.

Also located on the grounds was a buffalo reserve. We drove up and down the various roads to try and get a close up peek at the grazing buffalo. Most of them were, of course, nowhere near the road. Right as we were about to give up, we got lucky. We came upon a buffalo hanging out right next to the road, so naturally, we took as many pictures as possible! Here are a few of our shots:

After we had spent an hour or so wandering around the park we decided to get back on the road. Next up on the trip was Jackson, our main attraction for the vacation. We planned on staying in Jackson for several nights. I'm going to plug Priceline again! I cannot get over how great some of the travel deals are! We really hit the jackpot on our hotel in Jackson. Since our trip was right at the end of the ski season, many resorts were already offering deep discounts. So if skiing wasn't a top priority for you, the available deals were unbeatable. We ended up staying at the Snow King Resort. It was right at the base of the mountains.

Our room was set up condo style, with a living room, full kitchen, bathroom and separate bedroom. We also had a fireplace, which was pretty cool! We ended up paying just $55/night. This was the biggest, nicest, and CHEAPEST room during our entire vacation (well, except for the awesome, free room that Ryan's gracious Uncle and Aunt offered us at their home)!

Let me back up a second. We arrived in Jackson around mid-afternoon. It was COLD! I still made Ryan stop and take a picture in front of the sign.

Next we stopped by the visitors center to grab some postcards to mail off to our mothers and my grandmother (this is another family tradition). After that, we went back to the hotel to settle in for awhile. We unpacked our bags, looked through the attraction magazines on the coffee table, listened to some music, and just enjoyed ourselves. After awhile we started getting hungry and decided to try out the local brewery, Snake River Brewery. We were only in Jackson a few days, but we went to Snake River at least 3 times! I would definitely recommend it if you're ever up that way.

 While there we grabbed a bite to eat, enjoyed some local brews, and Ryan bought a souvenir shirt. It was perfect for him!

"Maintain Your Brain" - Snake River Brewery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

He's a goofy one :)

Next up I'll post the remainder of our time in Jackson, followed by the end of our trip in Casper! Stay tuned!

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